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Recruitment of Graduate Teachers - 2012


Teaching Vacancies
PROVINCIAL MINISTRY OF EDUCATION - SOUTHERN PROVINCE Recruitment of Graduate Teachers to the Sri Lanka Teacher Service for vacancies in the Schools of the Southern Provincial Council - 2012


Applications are called from Graduates for the post of Grade 3 - 1 of the Sri Lanka Teacher Service to fill the under mentioned vacancies in Schools of the Southern Provincial Council. 


01. Qualifications 

1.1 General Qualifications

 Should be a citizen of Sri lanka.

ii. Should have an excellent character and be in good health.

iii. Age should be not less than 18 years and not more than 45 years as at 01.08.2012. 

iv. Applicants should be residents Of the SOuthern Province. If suitable applicants are not fond from the Southern Province, appointments will be given to residents out the Southern Province. 


1.2 Educational Qualifications

1.2.1 According to the Minute of the Sri Lanka Teacher Senice, the Ministry of Education recognizes the follow  Qualifications.

1.2.2 Should have passed 06 subjects including first language and Mathematics with 03 credit passes in not more than two attempts in the G.C.E. (Ord. Level)

1.2.3 Should have passed 03 subjects in one attempt in the G.C.E. (Adv. Level)


02. Method of Recruitment 2.1 Applicaticns are invited fa recruitment of the above mentioned existing vacancies in the Southern Province from the eligible graduates who possess the above said qualifications as at 1st of August 2012. It is also applicable for candidates who have already been recruited as trainees under the Graduate Training Scheme. 2.2 It is expected to recruit the candidates ai the educaticnal zone basis and priority will be given to the candidates who are residents in the DiVisional Secretariat Divisions within the educational zone where the vacancies are available. (for details see Annexue 01)

2.3 If the number of qualified applicants for a particular subject equals a lesser than the nurrber of existing vacancies in each educaticrtal zone, the candidates will be directly recruited after soutinizing their qualificaticns.

2.4 If the number of applications for a particular subject outnumbers the existing number of vacancies in the zone a competitive examination will be held for selections by the Pudic Service Commission of Southern Province.

2.5 Appointments will be given in accordance with the marks obtained in the examination and priority is given for the candidates who are residents within the boundries of the educational zones that the vacancies exist. The candidates must have reached more than 40% marks for each subject in the said examinaticn. In case of having lesser number of qualified candidates than the existing number of vacancies in a particular educational zone the qualified candidates who live in the adjacent zones will be recnited accading to the sequence of mats reached at the said competitive examination



2.6 To recruit for the above menticned subject vacancies a viva voce will be held for the qualified candidates to check their qualifications by a board of interview appointed by the Secretary of Southern Provincial Ministry of Education and marks will not be given at the viva voce. 


03. Method of Application 3.1 The application should be prepared on A4 size papers accoding to the specimen herewith. Segment No.1 to 4 should be on the first page and the rest of segments should be on the second page.
Sample Application Form Download

3.2 Use annexure 01 for filling applications to identity the zonal numbers aid Divisional Secretariat Divisions for each Zone. 

3.3 The unfitting and incomplete applications as per the specimen given are liable to be refused. 3.4 The duly filled applicaticn forms should be sent in registered post on a before the closing date of 17th September 2012.


The Secretary,

Southern Provincial Ministry of Education, 

No. 46 1/1, Cdoirbo Road, 



3.5 The receipt obtained from any Divisional Secretariat of Southern Province by paying an amount of Rupees 400.00 to income head No. 20-03-20-29 of the Chief Secretary of Southern Province should be firmly stuck on the reverse of the application.

3.6 No complaints will be accepted for delayed applications and applications that miss in post.

3.7 Applicants should indicate "Rectuitment of Graduates for Teacher vacancies in Schools of Southern Provincial Council - 2012" at the top left-hand comer of the envelope. 


04. Service Conditions

4.1 it is compulsory that serving in the educational zone, where the first appointment is granted for 10 years Iran the first appointment. 

4.2 This appointment is permanent and pensionable. 

4.3 Promoions will be made under the rules and regulations of Sri Larka Teacher Service Constitution. 

4.4 It should be applied under the relevant subjects of the degree and the appointment subject will not be changed under any circumstances. 

05. Method of Examination The written examination consists a two question papers as fllows. Both question papers include multiple choice questions and that answer questions. 

5.1 Aptitudes (01) Test - Time :- 1hour(100 marks). Expect to evaluate the language efficiency, Logical thinking and Mathematic.: skills of the candidates. 

5.2 General Knowledge (02)Test - Time 01 hour (100 marks). This Paper consists of questions based on to evaluate the candidates knowledge in current affairs of both Local and foreign Economical, Political, Educational, Cultural, Social Scientific and Sports Sectors. 


For consideration A Xerox of the detailed degree certificate should be attached to the application. 


06. If there is any fact that does not cover by this notification and if there is a problematic condition arisen, the final decision will be made by the Public Service Commission of Southern Province according to recommendations of Secretary to the Southern Provincial Ministry of Education in this regard and also possess the rights to make any amendments to the recruitment procedure and to fill a fraction a all a none of said existing vacancies. 

M.Y.S. Deshapriya 

The Secretary, Ministry of Education, Southern Province



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